Q:Where can I find Herbal Oasis Products?
A: A few items are sold through the Marquette Food Co-Op but the best way to get products is either here on the website or at one of my shows.

Q: Are any of the products tested on animals?
A: Only human ones!

Q: Are your products vegan?
A: All are vegetarian.  Most are vegan.  Body butters and lip balms are made with beeswax.  All ingredients are disclosed next to each product for easy reference.

Q: I've noticed many products say "natural" on the label but the ingredients seem questionable.  How is that possible?
A: There is no universal definition of 'natural' that is legally upheld or regulated within the cosmetics & body care industry.  What this means is that "natural" can mean anything the manufacturer wants it to mean and more often than not, it's used as a marketing tool to convince well- intentioned folks they are making a 'healthy' purchase.  My goal has always been to encourage people to define "natural" for themselves and then make informed choices based on that definition.  You have to decide where you fall in the spectrum from synthetic to uber organic based on your personal values and priorities.
It comes down to balancing affordability, product performance and level of product safety.  Product safety is my number one priority.  Do some basic research to determine what ingredients you do not feel comfortable using on your body and take everything you read with a grain of salt.  See the Links page for helpful research sites.

Q: What's your definition of natural?
A: The dictionary definition works for me: “Present in or produced by nature; not altered, treated or disguised.” Based on this definition, I would consider all the products I make to be natural.  I have done extensive ingredient research: evaluating sources, processing and reading safety studies. All of the products I make are ones I absolutely feel comfortable using on myself and babies (and my standards are higher than most).

Q: I see your Foaming Gel has preservatives and other ingredients that don't fit with your definition of 'natural' as described above.  What's up with that?
A: Foaming Gel is not a product I make.  I have changed my mind many times about whether to make it available on the website because it does not fit my definition of natural nor does it measure up to my standards. I carry it because it's still a lot better than any unscented (or scented for that matter) liquid soap I've yet to come across (and still work).
Also because I have a few regular customers from way back that still want custom scented liquid soap. The only liquid soap that is all-natural is Castile, but it's not nearly as mild or as versatile as the Foaming Gel. 

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