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Testimonials for Herbal Oasis Products:

My son and I have used Bye Bye Buggy for two years from the mosquito laden places like the
Porcupine Mountains, to the land of the killer flies in Moosinee, Hudson Bay, Canada. We have stayed bite-free. I will not leave home without putting a bottle in my backpack.  I have also had great success with the little bugs that bite while gardening.


Angela Paquette

Marquette, MI



I am loving the bug dope... I wear it every day. :) I will definitely need to talk to you before Christmas for some gifts for my sister!!


Monika Jenczala

Negaunee, MI



Deanna, I just want to tell you what wonderful products you have.  I have psoriasis on my hands and I have a problem with itchiness and dryness.  My dermatologist recommended using mineral oil to combat the dryness which I dutifully did, but it didn't seem to help and I had to use extremely greasy hand creams during the day.  The dryness never seemed to go away.  My sister saw your booth at an art fair in Michigan and explained my situation to you.  You said to stop the using the mineral oil as it actually drys the skin even more and to use the Skin Healing Balm.  I took your advice and used your product and it's been wonderful!  My skin will never be normal but your balm works wonders!  The redness is gone, the itchiness is so much better and my hands look practically normal.  As for the dryness, itís so improved even my family has commented that my hands look so much better.  Please continue to make your products as I don't know what I would do without them!


Rebecca D.

Roscommon, MI



Hi Deanna,
My sister-in-law introduced me to your skincare products and I am absolutely in love!!!!  Your products are wonderful!   Thank you very much!  I have tried many, many different facial products ranging from cheap to expensive and all different types/blends and I've never seen such great results so quickly!  My face felt wonderful and my blemishes were very noticably improved within a couple days.  Thank you!


Milwaukee, WI



I was in the UP last year and bought your "Bye bye buggy " Insect Repellant Hydro Spray.  We love that this is all natural and great for kids or pets [dogs].  The lovely smell is a plus too!



Antigo, WI



My husband really likes the Bye Bye Buggy Foaming Gel!
Sherry M.

Copper Harbor, MI



I bought some of your products at the Copper Harbor art show and just love the facial oil.  Has anyone ever mentioned to you that it helps to fade brown spots?





I purchase your ďSkin Healing BalmĒ and I love it. Itís the only thing Iíve ever used on cuts, diaper owies, and everything! I initially want to just say awesome work. I have recommended this product numerously because it works so well. I had ammonia burn on my sonís diaper area a month back and this healed it up in just a couple of days. He even had a blister forming and that was no where to be seen. =D


Kristine F.

Marquette, MI



We bought some Coco Loco lip balm from you this summer at the Copper Harbor arts festival. We love it!


Mark R.




I want to tell you that I love the products you have created...I think they're really lovely and they work and the presentation is even great!



Grand Marais, MI



My wife says your Coco Loco Body Butter is the best!
Randy G.
Marquette, MI

I started using your products a few years ago.  I have slowly been phasing out my other skincare products and replacing them with Herbal Oasis Bodycare.  I started out with finishing products, such as body oil, body butter, and some aromatherapy.  Then I started using the facial products, like the toner and eye cream and facial lotion.  I was not prepared for the nice effect these products had on my body and face.  I started having younger looking skin.  The lotions smoothed out the fine lines and made my skin and face feel nourished and relaxed.  An added benefit is the aroma mixture in each of these products.  It is like having the fresh scents of an herb and perennial garden instead of some noxious perfume.  You encouraged me to try body scrubs, too.  It is amazing to see how soft your feet and arms and legs can feel!  I have never had that caked on feeling with these products as they are petroleum free and I love the beautiful cobalt blue containers that are not only decorative, but recyclable as well.


Sandy W.




I bought your product line for Oily/Blemished skin in June and absolutely love them!  I have seen a big improvement in my skin and am so grateful for your products.  Many of my friends and even an esthetician commented on how my complextion has improved since using your products.  I feel like after all these years of constant breakouts, my skin is finally balanced!  Thanks so much for your guidance and help.


Mary Ann K.

Round Lake, IL



I received a facial gift set and fell in love with the facial cleanser!

Casey P.

Lansing, MI



Just wanted to give you some positive feedback.. I love the products!!! I especially like the Sultry bath gel. I love that lip balm. Honestly, the best lip balm I have tried in a long time. The other ones (and I have had many!) never seem to last that long. The thing I like about yours, is it seems as though it is longer lasting, and I love how smooth my

lips are afterwards... they do not feel so dried out, and are not chapping as easily (I am VERY picky about my lip balm, because my lips crack and peel ALL the time). Yours is great. Thanks so much.


Tricia S.




I tried the Skin Soothing Facial Oil it at Harvest Gathering and I really like it!



Thompsonville, MI




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