Eye Pillow

Take a few minutes to relax & refresh your tired eyes & mind.



Hug your eyes with the soothing comfort of organic flax seed.  Whether you want to relax, soothe painful migraines or just get a good night’s sleep, eye pillows are a great addition to any self-care routine. Made with recycled fabrics and a machine washable cover.

Additional information

Essential Oil Blend

Calming, French Lavender, Au Natural

Scent Profiles

*Certified Organic Essential Oils

Au Natural
Nada, nothing.  Unscented.

Calming:  Lavender* – Orange – Bergamot – Frankincense
This relaxing and uplifting blend is a best seller. Calming for the skin and mind.  A good scent for bedtime or anytime you need a little downtime. Lavender is the primary scent, with citrus accents and a hint of a sweet, woody undertone.

Therapeutic:  Eucalyptus* – Lavender* – Peppermint* – Rosemary
Distinct herbaceous aroma. A great blend for sore muscles and joints, headaches and sinus issues. Excellent choice for massage.