Facial Oil 1oz

Formulated with skin-loving ingredients, it’s the perfect every day and every night moisturizer to protect and revitalize your skin.



The Facial Oil base was specifically formulated with all skin types in mind. This versatile, lightweight formula contains a nourishing blend of skin superfoods including evening primrose, carrot and calendula.  It’s a unique combination rich in anti-oxidants with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits.  Get ready for healthy, hydrated skin that feels softer and looks radiant!  The different essential oil combinations were created to enhance benefits for each skin type, but also balanced to allow for versatility in product choice without compromise in targeted skin type treatment.  The exception would be the Skin Calming blend, which was designed specifically for Rosacea and/or skin redness issues.  Fair skinned people often have issues with visible capillaries closer to the skin’s surface, which cause the skin to appear more red.  The other blends contain Lavender, which is not recommended for those trying to calm skin redness.

Container Type: Glass

Ingredients: oils of jojoba*, fractionated coconut and sunflower*, essential oils of evening primrose, calendula and carrot, vegetable glycerin*, vitamin E (7500 IU/oz) and <blend specific> essential oils.

* Certified Organic

Additional information

Weight 2.7 oz
Dimensions 4.25 × 1.25 × 1.25 in
Skin Type

Normal/Any, Normal/Dry/Sensitive/Mature, Normal/Combination/Oily/Blemished, Red/Visible Capillaries/Rosacea

Essential Oil Blend

French Lavender, Skin Balancing, Skin Soothing, Skin Calming, Au Natural

Scent Profiles

* =  Certified Organic Essential Oils

Au Natural
Nada, nothing.  Unscented.

French Lavender
The lavender grown in the highlands of France is the softest and most aromatic of all the lavenders.  Truly intoxicating and very relaxing. Good for all skin types except redness prone or Rosacea.

Skin Balancing:  Lavender* – Chamomile – Tea Tree – Basil
Herbal and clean smelling with a bright herbal finish.  Part of the facial line, this blend is gently astringent, germ fighting and healing – especially designed for normal to oily/combination/blemished skin.

Skin Calming:  Chamomile – Rosemary – Cypress – Sage
Fresh and herbal with astringent, soothing and vasoconstriction properties.  Part of the facial line designed to address skin redness from broken capillaries, common in fair-skinned people and people with Rosacea.

Skin Soothing:  Lavender* – Chamomile – Geranium – Sage
I made this blend especially for sensitive skin. It’s great for all skin types but is the blend I recommend for normal to dry and/or mature skin. Mildly floral, herbal and dry with Geranium as the primary.


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