Amaretto Mocha Latte Sugar & Coffee Scrub 8oz

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What could be better than finding more ways to enjoy your morning coffee?  Exfoliate dead skin cells while the caffeine works to reduce the appearance of varicose veins (studies show) and cellulite (the scrubbing doesn’t hurt either!)  But the number one reason to try this scrub: It’s delicious!  Great for the whole body (not recommended for much more delicate facial skin.)

Ingredients: raw cane sugar*, coffee*, oils of fractionated coconut, sunflower* and jojoba*, vitamin E (7500 IU/oz), essential oils of bitter almond, cocoa absolute and coffee, and vanilla (i/c).

* Certified Organic

i/c = infused in coconut oil

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Dimensions 6 × 5 × 7 in

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Amaretto Mocha Latte:  Bitter Almond – Coffee – Cocoa – Vanilla
All the yum is equally represented.  It’s quite heavenly.

1 review for Amaretto Mocha Latte Sugar & Coffee Scrub 8oz

  1. Deanna Attee

    Very cool product hope to see more like it

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